Friday, July 15, 2011

To Do: Crafts

I may be showing my cards here, but as anyone who has ever played poker with me knows, I have a huge tell, so it does not matter that much anyway.  I'm going to show you guys my collection of craft "to do's."

I figure most of you have already seen these in blog land so it is not a big secret anyway.  And on top of that, each one get's its own little spin when I try them myself (even if it is just because it may all got terribly wrong).

My husband was helping me with my bookmarks and was really shocked to see how many bookmarks I have.  You see, I like to bookmark the projects I want to try, and sometimes they pile up:

Note the large amount of "Crafts" I have saved here.
Feel free to link back to the tutorials for any of these projects.  They really are very cool.  Don't be surprised if you see some of these in the months to come (I hope).  There is no special order, just stuff I want to try.  For brevity's sake I have limited the crafts to only sewing projects.

1. Cloth Snack Bag:
Can I just say this is brilliant?!  Do you know how many times those zip-locks have broken in my bag only to leave a mess of nuts, or yogurt covered raisins in the bottom of my bag...and I don't even have kids yet.

My friend who has two little kids is a real supper mom.  She reaches into her bag and pulls out all kinds of cool things for the kids.  Today at lunch she took out an e-book reader, crayons, and lollipops in several different flavors.  Very cool.  Anyway (back to my point), having a cloth snack baggy, that is waterproof and wipe-abble too, is the best way for me to work my way toward the supper mommy ideal.  Just in case I have kids one day, or want to impress other non-kid people with my mad baggie tricks.

2. Card Wallet
I have so many gift cards.  They get lost in the bottom of my bag, and I always forget to use them.  Or I get really frustrated with them take them out and the next day I'm in that store and gift card to be had.  This happens to me on a weekly basis.  So the solution?  This handy little card wallet.  I really need to make this before Christmas at the latest.  I love that I get to chose the fabric and all that too.  How fun.

3. The Shirt Dress
What could be cutter than a dress made out of a man's shirt?  I just love the idea.  I first saw this on Martha, but found out that the original idea came from the site above.  I know several little girls who need this dress.  My problem?  I only have one men's shirt.  I'll just have to see who I can get measurements from first.  If it is not too hard I will just go to the Salvation Army and get another shirt.

4. Six Pocket Bag
You can never have to many bags.  They always come in handy.  I'm thinking about making this one for yoga (so I can bring my own eye pillow).  Again I can pick my own fabric and make it as fun, or traditional, as I want.  I can't wait.  This one might take me a bunch of days, my sewing skills are not that advanced.

So there you have it.  Projects on my to do list.  I'm not sure when they will be done, but there they are.  I might have to wait until winter to get into all these sewing projects, snow days are good for that.

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  1. Some how I had missed this post before. Love the cute card holder...I also need this for gift cards.


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