Friday, September 21, 2012

The Waltz and Ballroom Dancing Classes

Two years ago Hubby gave me the gift of a "coupon" for a class that we could take together.  All I had to do was decided what I wanted to take and find a class.  Well, two years latter I finally found the right class at the right time.  Ballroom Dancing and the Waltz.

When we were first dating we took swing dance lessons and really enjoyed them.  They have weekly swing jams in our area and we used to go all the time.  Now we wanted to branch out a little.  So tonight was our first Waltz class.

It was so fun.  It only took me about 40 minutes to realize that the basic waltz step is the same waltz step I learned in ballet class as a child.  It is just done with a partner now.

I like to think we look like this:
But in reality I think we look more like this:

Maybe by the end of the five weeks we will at least be able to hold our own at a wedding.

I'm really excited about our class.  It is a chance for Hubby and I to reconnect and have some fun.  Our Fridays are pretty simple.  We meet after Hubby's work and go to the gym together.  We have taken to running on the elliptical (or do you call it gliding?) and talking about our respective days.  Then we do some weights and call it quits.  After a quick shower and a little freshening up we head out for a quick dinner.  The night ends with our dance class.

The instructor wants us to take the other class they teach, Swing and ChaCha, but I'm not sure if that is too much for Hubby after a long day at work.  Maybe we will save that for next semester.

Other classes I thought about over the past two years were cooking lessons, and perhaps French.  I'm not good with languages because I have a terrible memory, but I do want to have some french under my belt next time I take a trip to France (some time in the distant future...we have other priorities right now).  
If you could take a class with your significant other what would it be?


  1. Now that the Waltz lesson’s finished, I bet you and your husband look like the couple in the first picture rather than the polar bears in the second picture (which is quite cute, by the way), haha! Anyway, maybe learning Swing and ChaCha would also be a good idea for both of you. I personally enjoy dancing and learning how to dance because it’s fun and energetic. You can skip gym, and just do ChaCha as your workout!

  2. It’s definitely a dance class! Not necessarily ballroom dancing, but any dance class where we can have fun and develop our interpersonal skills will do. Taking it with your significant other is a bonus as you’ll have more time to spend with each other.


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