Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Chair Glidder

I just discovered the best little trick for my chairs.  They always say that you should put protective sliders on your furniture to keep the wood floors from being scratched.  In fact, I had a land lord, of a very nice apartment, require i have pads on all my furniture.  Guess it really makes a difference.

I used to use the sticky pads that stuck to the bottom of chairs and such.  I thought this was pretty good.  I was even really excited when I found that if you buy said sticky things at a Lowes or Home Depot, they are much cheaper.

Well I found the problem with these sticky things.

It is hard to see on this shot, but the sticky glue attracted all kinds of yucky cat hair and other gross stuff.  The sticky pads also were not even, because the base of the chair had worn down, so they were not very helpful.

Now I have discovered something better.  Plastic gliders that screw into the chair base.

They are awesome!  I used my hubby's drill and in no time all six of my chairs had these great gliders.  The best part?  The chairs really do GLIDE along on the wood floor.

I can't wait to do the chairs I have at my kitchen peninsula bar too.  I need to get rid of all that gross sticky stuff.

It is a small change, but so much better.  Trust me.

What small change has changed your life?


  1. Okay, I'm going out looking for those! I hate the cat hair sticking to the pads. ~ Maureen

  2. My comment seems to have disappeared, so I will try again. I mentioned that I was glad to see this post, cause I have the sticky pad things and they are causing problems. I was wondering where you found the plastic things at?

  3. and this doesn't leave marks on the floor? i've not heard of this.


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