Saturday, September 8, 2012

Staged China Cabinet

After six months to get this China Cabinet (or Breakfront as some call it)  I finally put my favorite crockery to display.  I actually love this piece so much.  The detail work on the doors is amazing and the wood is in such good condition.  I wanted a white China Cabinet but I got this one and I'm happy with it.  In fact, I love it.

When I found this cabinet I was with my step-mother.  She took me shopping at some antique shop in nearby Saugerties.  We found this one and I loved it.  So she bought it for me and paid for the delivery.  But every time they said they were going to deliver the piece they called and canceled.  The guy had one excuse after another.  Finally I decided I just din't want to wait any longer.  I called and canceled the order, asking for my money back.  Three months later, I still did not have my money.  Finally, the guy told me he just didn't have the money to give back to me.  So I kept the China Cabinet and he delivered it two days later.

Six months later I still had not staged the cabinet. Yesterday, I did the deed.  I got everything I wanted and set it all up.  I have to say I'm quite happy with the result.

This is how my China cabinet looked for the last six months.  Not very exciting or impressive I know.  I went through so much to get it, and then just abandoned my poor baby.  I'm a bad China-Cabinet-mother.

I opened it up and changed it all around.

Of course, Rhea had to climb into the China Cabinet and see what it was all about.  I have decided I can never have open shelving because Rhea would climb up and sit on my dishes.  Oh well.

The one piece I get to display is my prized Tea Set that my mother gave to me for a wedding present.

Apparently, this is the same china service that the Queen of England uses.  Not the same design, but the same maker.  I love this set so much.  I have begun quite a big collection of tea pots.  I have four.  Still, I love them all and they all have meaning to me.

My tea pot looks so nice.  I just wish I had some tea cups to go with them (Hubby: hint, hint). 

The China cabinet can be locked and came with an amazing key.  I put it in the bread tray.

I staged my New Cabinets too.  I will save that for another post (read: I have not taken any photos of it yet).

Here is the China Cabinet one last time.  My friend said it looked great so I guess it is.  I'm happy.  (and Mom, if you are reading do you see the other china you gave me?)

Ok I know all us crafters are all about painting furniture, but what do you think about the wood, and the color?  It matches a lot of the other wood in the house.  I just can't paint such a great piece.  Would you?


  1. I think a piece of furniture speaks to you. Sometimes it says "Paint me" and sometimes it says "I'm great just the way I am". The important thing is that you love it and you have your most special things in it. ~ Maureen

  2. It looks great and I love how you staged it! As for painting it, if your heart's not in it and the wood is in good condition, I say leave it be. It looks beautiful just how it is!


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