Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Touch of Blue

I'm working on adding blue accents to my living room.  In truth I'm a bit over all the orange, but because of money constraints (and because not one year ago did I promise my hubby I would NEVER tire of orange) I have to live with it.   In order to freshen up the orange I'm adding blue.

I painted the walls blue (you can read about that here) and now I'm adding some blue accent pillows.  I'm not done, but I made two pillows so far.  I hope to add some more blue accent pillows soon with different fabric and textures.

This is what I did so far.

Two accent pillows of blue satin.  I used a simple envelope pillow pattern and whipped these out in a couple of hours.

I'm still trying to decide where to put them, but I love how they add some light to that orange and brown look right now.

Above you can see the blue pillows with the blue walls.  It is all coming together.

I have some other ideas for this room.  I want to paint the book shelves white with a pattern on the background.  I also want to make some more blue pillows.  I found some extra pillow forms so I don't even have to buy them (yay).  Maybe I will make some with a flower pattern like I have pinned on pinterest.

So what do you think?  It is not that drastic a change, but I'm happy with how it looks.

My decorating changes always take a long time.  I never have a really huge transformation all at once (I guess I just don't have the time for that), but I like that the changes are organic and ever flowing.

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  1. The blue accents make the orange look so fresh and pretty! And I love all the brown in the room too. I'm working on our living room and so far there is no cohesiveness at all. (Ha ha, my first priority is to just get the clutter out!)

  2. Your pictures do look nice. You did a great job. Many moons ago I painted the walls in my very first dining room a tangerene orange. I even added orange carpeting. Let me tell you, I hated that room cause it made me feel all hot,not cool and relaxing. It was the first time I learned that color in my home did effect the atmoshphere. We sold that house two years later!

  3. Very nice changes and I like your idea with the bookshelves! ~ Maureen


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