Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Own Private Paradise

This really is paradise.  I have my own little house and my own hot tub.  Life is good, and who could beat this view?

Coal Bay from my deck 

I really is spectacular here.  I just love it.  We are way up this mountain, but we can hear the waves on the beach bellow.  But, being here is bitter sweet.  My years of coming to this house are steeped with memories of my father.  Even after a year and a half, I expect him to be sitting on the veranda reading a book.  But he is not here and it makes me sad.

Let me take you on a virtual tour of the grounds.  (ha it's not that big)

This is the main house where my step-mother lives.  The bedroom is on the left and the living area on the right.  I took these pictures in a rush so they are not the best.  There is also a little pool off in front of the chairs there.

 There is the pool and the view.  It is just a small pool (they call it a dipping pool) but it is perfect to cool off in.

Here's the rest of the view.  You can see Tortola and other islands.

These are the stairs that go up to my house.  I have my own bedroom, living room, and kitchen, plus two full baths, but I really only use the bedroom.  It is designed for two separate rental spaces.

This is my bed...very romantic don't you think (but no Jeff to join me).  It was great on our honeymoon.  They have the same bed in the main house.

And finally here is my little deck.  It has seating for two.

My step mom and I go the the beach almost every day.  They have the best beaches here on the island.  I almost don't want to say the name because so many people come here already.  It is sad that our secret is out.

The world is getting so crowded.  Ten years ago I came here and we never had trouble finding parking or a spot on the beach, but now that has all changed.  I'll have to find a new secluded island (ha good luck).

Here's the amazing view again.  I hope you all do't hate me.  Just know I miss my husband terribly, so it is not all fun in the sun.


  1. It is a stunning view! I'll have to soak up some sun vicariously. ~ Maureen

    1. What a beautiful spot--I can understand how Paul loved it so much. Have a lovely relaxing time, love to Susan too. xx Betsy

  2. yep, i'm jealous. enjoy it now girl, when you have kids vacations like this don't happen as often. actually the only vacation i've had since i had kids was disney world. sigh. now i'm really jealous! lol

  3. amazing views from the pool, and i am sure it was difficult with those memories of your dad there. it just sucks.

  4. Oh it is just so beautiful...are you sure you are not a princess? LOL So thoughtful of you to share the lovely pictures...I loved looking at them!

  5. beautiful pictures of a beautiful place.

  6. Beautiful, Thank you for sharing!
    What’s that about a new secluded Island?
    I’m on the hunt and I’ll let you know as soon as I find one ;)


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