Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year's Resolution

Every year I face making my New Year's Resolutions, and I have to say it is a little daunting for me.  As the year goes by there are always things I want to improve about myself.  Almost every couple of months I resolve to diet, keep my house clean all the time, eat better, organize more, blog more...and on and on.  In many ways I think it is better for me to stop trying to improve myself and start enjoying who I am AS. I. AM.

So with all that in mind I decided that this year I would have only one resolution: to be more active.  I want to get out more and do more stuff outdoors.

That means for the winter I want to ice skate, snow shoe, and cross country ski.  In the summer I hope to do a lot more hiking, camping, and swimming.  

For Christmas I got Jeff a pair of snow pants and as a gift we got snow shoes for each of us.

Now we are ready for the snow (if it ever arrives this winter).  With the snow pants Jeff can also cross country ski without getting too wet when he falls down (he is so cute when he falls down) and he will stay nice and warm when we snow shoe.
All we need is some good snow and we will be ready to get out doors and enjoy the countryside we live in.

Although there are still a lot of things I want to improve about myself, I think the most important thing I can do is give myself a break.  I have to enjoy who I am and what I am without judging myself all the time.  I will be just trying to enjoy my time with my hubby.  Instead of eating, shopping or sitting at home I want to get out and get active.  I know myself, I will still be working on those other things I want to do but for a "New Year's Resolution" all I will do is have fun!

I have really enjoyed reading all the blog posts on New Year's Resolutions so keep them coming.  What are your New Year's Resolutions and, more importantly, have you kept them?


  1. i am obsessed with snow shoeing! i didn't know you could buy those, in my head they still use those things that look like tennis rackets, do you know what i'm talking about? this is on my bucket list. i don't want to ski, i stink at skiing, but i want to go traipsing along in snow shoes!

  2. I love your attitude! Instead of vowing to stop doing something, you've taken a positive approach and decided to start doing something fun. I'm a member now so I don't miss the adventure! ~ Maureen


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