Friday, January 20, 2012

Dyeing Belts Purple

I have really gotten into Iyengar Yoga for the last year and a half.  I was suffering from migraines and I had three (count them ... three) different doctors tell me to try yoga.  Before that I always resisted yoga because it was my mom's thing (she is a yoga teacher and has been for thirty years).  But I finally listened to my doctors and tried it.  Immediately my migraines stopped.  I now love it.

But with my unemployment I had to cut down on the yoga.  My teacher, and in many ways my friend, saw that I was cutting down on the classes and offered to do an exchange.  I "deep clean" the studio once a week and get two classes for free.  Along with that I agreed to dye her belts (Iyengar Yoga requires lots of props) purple.

This is a tutorial on how to dye fabric.  I'm no expert, but this is what I did.  (By the way, I just followed the directions on the box so this is really not that original)

I'm a visual learner so this will be done with a series of pictures.  BUT..I'm also highly educated, so I have to add a bunch of words to complete the tutorial.

Measuring Cup (not shown)
Timer (not shown)
Large non-porous spoon (I used stainless steel) (also not shown)

Step 1:
Dissolve the powdered dye in two cups of warm water (I just used hot tap water, but my water gets really hot, like scallding hot).

Step 2:
Wet fabric.  I put the fabric in the bucket and filled it with hot water.  This way I filled the bucket with hot water (see step four) and wet the fabric at the same time.

Step 3:
Remove belts from water.

Step 4:
Fill bucket with warm water.

Step 5:
Add diluted dye to bucket

                 Before                                                                       After

Step 6:
Add wet belts to bucket.

Step 7:
Set timer for 30 minutes.

(I was a little late taking this photo) 
Step 8:
Wait and stir once in a while.  This is your chance to use that non-porous spoon.

Step 9:
Remove belts from water.

(The color is all wrong, they are really purple I promise)

Step 10 (and my least favorite step):
Rinse belts in water.  Start with warm water and gradually change to cold water.  You are supposed to do this until the water runs clear, but I didn't have the energy (nor was I totally convinced the water would ever get clear), so the water got be almost clear.

(There is still a slight color to the water)
Step 11:
Hang belts to dry.

That's where they are now, drying.  The color came out really great.

I'm thinking about dying my old jeans.  What do you think, should I dye them, should I dye them back to blue or go for another color (I keep reading that different color jeans are very stylish).  If you vote for another color, what color would you suggest?  I need your input so be sure to give me some ideas.

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  1. I just saw lime green jeans in O magazine and they looked pretty cool. ~ Maureen

  2. Love your color !
    Thanks for stopping by blog and saying Hi. It would be funny if we lived a block away !!!

    You are welcome anytime.


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