Sunday, August 7, 2011

Zucchini Cake

What do you do with a giant zucchini when your husband won't eat it?

Make Zucchini Cake of course!!!

Jeff hates zucchini, and I'm not a big fan myself, so when I  was given this huge zucchini from a friend's garden I was not sure what to do.  At first I was going to make zucchini pancakes, but when I saw this recipe in the July Martha Stewart Living I knew it was the thing to do.  The recipe is not online yet, but be sure to look for it in the magazine.  This was a killer cake, soooo good.

I went all out and even candied the zucchini for the top.  I had to boil the zucchini for twenty minutes, but it made the cake look so good.  Yum.
I had to lay parchment paper to keep the zucchini under water.
This was probably the most successful zucchini cake I have made to date, and I make a lot of cakes, zucchini included.

Slice into the cake and it was even better.

We ate the cake in two days.  Not so good for our waist lines, but so good for our taste buds (hey we are eating veggies right?).  I have another zucchini waiting for the zucchini panckaes next.

What do you do with your garden zucchinis?

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