Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Walk Through HomeGoods

I love HomeGoods.  They have just what it sounds like: good stuff for your home.  I always want to buy everything I see.  And if I could, I would own about twenty different sets of dishes.

Of course I can't get a million dishes, but I can take pictures of them and  maybe, if I'm lucky, I can inspire someone else to buy the dishes.

I'm going to take you through my local HomeGoods exactly the way I walked through the store.  I have a system, and that is what you will see. 

I always start with the plates.  I love nice white plates, they make your food look good.  I'm all about the nice shapes to show off the white plates.  you need something to give your plates a little pizzaz.  

 Here is some pattern, but might be a little too girly for every day (especially if you are married).

I love that this one is round on the outside and oval on the inside (I think).

 I love the glass jars.  They are so fun and have so many things you can do with them. 

 Love the shape of this little one.

What is better than the cake sign on the side in a reflective print?  Nothing!  Very cool

These had my mind thinking a lot.  I would love to buy a whole bunch and make candles, little cakes in the cups, fill them with candy and give away...there are so many possibilities, hell you could even make a lamp.  I just love all the possibilities. 

This margarita jar is is my kind of margarita. 

I could totally imagine a whole 50s style kitchen beginning with this fridge.

 This would be fun for Rhea, she would love it.  

This cat or dog bed is so crazy I just had to show you.  I don't even know where someone would put this.  But it is supper cool if you did have room. 

I love both these benches.  (I might like the second one a little more.)

I'm all about the reflective furniture.  It is very current.  I also love that they create more light in a  room.  This coffee table would be great in my living room (not the current one, the one in my imagination).

I'm looking for lamps for our bedroom.  These two are pretty good, but I'm still leaning toward simple white.

Oh, so many things I could buy.  I wish I could just redo my whole house (no, not really, but I would like to update some of my rooms and finish others).

Jeff will be glad to know I did not buy more plates, or anything else major.  All I bought was some soap.  I have a thing for soap. (A woman has to have nice soap, sheesh)

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  1. homegoods, my mecca. love it there. i liked knowing how you go about the store. i start in the colored glass/vases section, go toward the clearance, and the rugs and furniture, then the art and pillows, then the other clearance section. this is making me want to go do a once over!


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