Thursday, April 4, 2013

Quick Table Runner

I had some friends over for dinner a couple of weeks ago and right before they came over I decided to make this table runner.

I got this fabric before we moved into this house in 2010.  Jeff and I saw it in Millerton near our old house.  As soon as I found it I knew I wanted it.  But the fabric was $50 a yard!!!!  I know that is nuts, but the fabric is just so nice.

With a  yard and half in hand I asked Jeff's very talented grandmother to help me make cushions   We bonded.  It was nice.

I had a bit of fabric left and had plans to me a table runner, but never got up the nerve.  With fabric so expensive it was hard for me to cut it.

In the end, I did cut the fabric and I did make the table runner.  I learned one quick tip.  Don't forget to match up the designs on the fabric before you cut up the fabric.  I lost a couple of inches along each end because I forgot that I had to line up the design.  Instead of twelve inches in width they came out more at ten or eleven, but I really like that the two extra pieces on each end are properly lined so that the design runs correctly.  (I might be a bit nuts about that?  I'm really not sure.) If you look closely you can see the seam in the picture above.

I think the way the dining room looks with my new table runner.  I wish I could have used this fabric for the curtains (and maybe not the runner, I don't want it too matchy-matchy).  I'm still on the lookout for a good patterned fabric for the curtains.

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