Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I Love Olioboard

First it was blogs, then Pinterest, now Olioboards.  I love making design boards for various rooms I want or dream of.  I could spend all day making them, and some people have.  I'm just beginning to stretch my design  imagination.  There are so many possibilities.

Olioboards are great because you can upload any picture you want and use it on the board.  I know many people make design boards on PhotoShop, but that program is so confusing for me.  I'm really quite overwhelmed by PhotoShop.  The Olioboard software is super easy to use and understand.

Now, I have an ulterior motive for introducing you to this great little website.  I want you to vote for my designs (hehe).  Go HERE.  Just be warned that they make you create a user profile.  I know I'm not going to win, but if you like either of my designs which I submitted to the current contest, please head over and vote.  Or not.  That is ok too.

While you are there, you could also follow me.  But, to be honest, I am more interested in creating boards than having followers.  These are all my boards so you won't see anything new right now, but it is a fun site if you are a creatively inclined.

Have you heard of Olioboard?  Do you use it?  Would you use it?

I really want to take a design course at the local Community College, but I'm afraid they will make me use paper and glue.  I hate the idea of making design boards in real life, I only like to make virtual design boards.

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