Monday, December 10, 2012

Designed Guest Room

I'm not a very consistent person.  I like to live in lots of different places.  I like to eat lots of different food, and, I like to decorate with lots of different colors and styles.  So just as I get my house settled into one style or color scheme I usually change my mind and want something totally new.  It drives my husband crazy, but I think it is also why he loves me.

As an historian, this reminds me of the Victorian era, when it was the style to redecorate all the time.  It was a symbol of affluence to have the most updated interior design.  I'm not sure much has changed, actually.

My newest obsession is with grey, teal and white.  My husband teases me that any time I want to change something I usually just paint it white.  He is right.  Right now, I want everything to be white, clean and modern.

So when my in-laws got a new house and told me I could decorate the guest room any way I wanted, I felt like I had just won the in-law lottery.  What fun.  I get to design a room just as I want, and I don't have to pay for it.  I'm so lucky to have such great family.

I knew I wanted something light, airy, clean, and calm for the bedroom we were going to sleep in when we visited.  We got the white furniture at Ikea and the bedding at Bed Bath & Beyond.

With all that set, I decided to make a design board for the rest of the room.  That is what you see above.

The bedding has a bit of off white to it.  I have since seen some bedding I prefer (see, changing already) but that is just unreasonable to change the bedding after we have used it a total of twice.  I'm not that crazy, I swear.

This dresser is huge, and now I want one for my own house.

I decided I wanted to add a pop of color.  The color of my new dress was just what was needed.

The walls are a blue/grey color.  I love them.  I'm not a big "white wall" person.  I think white walls are boring and uninspired.  That's just me.

I figure I will do the artwork myself.  I really like the idea of four canvases with a damask design on them.  I also plan to make the headboard.  I made one for my own guest room (here, and here) so why not for the in-laws?  I'm really looking froward to making a headboard with some nail hardware edging.  It should be fun.  There are a lot of great printables I'm also thinking of framing to add color and interest.

So, I have my work cut out for me.  Not sure when 'm going to get this all done, but it will be a fun side project.

Do you change your style preferences or are you committed to a color/style and stick with it?

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  1. Oh wow, what fun you are going to have!! I have to say that I LOVE white my whole house!! I also love blues.....soft and kind of country/ cottage looking for accents. I make most all of my curtains, tablecloths etc. I sure wish I had more talent in deciding what I really like and then of course had the money to fulfil the "wants" LOL I will be anxious to see you how you finish the project.


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