Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cleaning Out the Closet

I went on a cleaning spree this week.  I cleaned under the beds, behind my bed (there is a large space back there) and I cleaned the closets in our bedroom and the guestroom.

Before I cleaned this closet I could not even close the door.  One day hubby came to me and asked if we could keep the closet door shut because it is near his side of the bed.  But I had to tell him "no" because I could not even close the door.  It was at that moment I realized I had to do something about this.

Now, my closet is not that big.  I cannot fit all my clothes in it, so I share the one in the guest room with Hubby.

The problem was that I had too many scarves and shoes.  So I took all the scarves and put them in the baskets you can see on the left.

I like them this way because now I can find just the right scarf, and they are not taking over my whole closet.

The shoes were another story.  I had a problem with flying squirrels in our attic space, so I had to take all the shoes out of the attic space.  I finally realized I can put the shoe holder in the guest room.

I really like this holder for my heels.  It works really well.  I have had this thing since college.  It just works for me.  One day I will have a really great closet with spots for shoes, but for now this will work.

These are my wedding shoes (I have yet to wear them again, but plan to).

I also cleaned the bottom of the guest room closet while I was on the cleaning job.

                                          Before                                                   After

I have to work with the top, the hats and sweaters have to go.  Overall I'm happy.  I installed some shelves for the shoes and it looks much better.

Just for fun here is the before and after of the first closet.

                                                Before                                              After

I'm happy with the result.  I guess I don't "spring clean" I "clean when ever I want."

When do you clean?  Spring, or - like me - just when the feeling hits you?

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  1. Life will be so much easier with those areas organized! I just did a fall clean on my bedroom but haven't hit the closet yet. I'm putting it off as long as I can! ~ Maureen


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