Friday, July 20, 2012

Book Club Party

As you know from my post here, I hosted a book club party.  It was the first one.  Now, one month later I am furiously reading my next book because we meet on Sunday.

I thought it was high time I showed you all my hard work.

We read Middlesex,  by Jeffrey Eugenides.  It was actually a great book. The one mistake I made was to chose such a long book for the first choice.  In the future I might have been smarter to ease our way into such a long book (over 500 pages).   Otherwise, it was a great book.  Out of the three of use who attended, only two read the book.  But we had fun.  I'm hoping all three, or maybe even four, of us will have read the next selection (Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter).

For eats I made the little appetizers above.  They were taken directly from Pinterest.

Quiche and salad were the main food for the night.  I was expecting a friend who just got out of work so I knew she would be hungry.

For another snack, I had homemade hummus (I love me some hummus), pita and carrots.  

But for my parties, the showstopper is always the dessert.  I made a Strawberry Cream Cake from a recipe I found in Martha Stewart Living.  Here is the link to the recipe if you ever want to make it.  It is hands down the BEST strawberry and cream cake ever.  The cake part is amazing.

I also made Pink Grapefruit Margaritas from a Ina Gardner Recipe.  That was yummy too, but did not photograph well (I should  have tripled the recipe for the pitcher, but we would not have been able to drink all that anyway.)

That is my little party.  In truth, I may not go to all that trouble again.  I might just open a bottle of wine and and put out some cheese and crackers, because really, the most important part of the book club is talking about the book.


  1. With all that wonderful food, I'm surprised you had time to discuss the book and I'm sure your guests were happy with that! lol ~ Maureen

  2. you could have a girls night out after you read the vampire hunter book, to see the movie. i loved middlesex, i thought it was extremely good.


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