Friday, June 29, 2012

Well, Well, Well, We Fixed Our Well.

Sorry for the cheesy title but I could not help it.  The title was screaming to be written.

But yes, we fixed our well.  Let me just say it was bad.  My two tenants on the property both called to complain.  I don't blame them.  The water pressure was really low, there was dirt in the water, and half the time only air would come out of the faucet.

Lucky for me, I found a great company to do the work.  They were professional, dependable and very nice.  I wrote about our estimate in the Fate of Our Well.  Now they came to do the work.

Eight in the morning, early for me, they knocked on my door and trudged through my basement to turn off the water.  They then they took out the heavy machinery.

I really did not know what a well looks like in this country.  In India, the wells look like wells, they are a huge hole in the ground with a stone circle that you can look down into (most even have a rope and bucket too).  But here in the states things are much more "civilized."  The well is underground and the only part you see is a pipe.  I guess when they dug the original well they only put the pipe so far and left a hole above it.  Well, (ha, sorry, could not help myself)  that hole was then the depository for people's garbage over the years.  We found all kinds of weird stuff down there, including a little toy buggy that I might clean up and keep for fun.

That's the hole in my yard, before any work.
The guys at Titan Drilling (they were so great, have I said that yet?  Just letting my stand there and take pictures was nice, but then they were joking and talking, it was fun)  decided to dig down to the pipe, and raise it up so it would be above ground and not get stuff in it.

They used this huge machine, I don't know the name, some three year old will have to tell me (my brother knew all the names of all the big machines when he was three), anyway this machine dug down about 9 feet.

Then the lackey, or young man, had to dig around and find the pipe cap.

Can you see it?  It is dirty and rusted but in tact.

I was told my well was shallow, but that is how deep the pipe for the water goes down.  That is about 70 feet.  Looks impressive to me.  

That, above, is the old pump.  We don't know how old it is, but we decided to replace it.  Now we don't have to worry about it.

After a short break to go get a longer pipe (they guesstimated too short, we had a good laugh over too short, too long jokes) they soddered the new pipe to the old one...

...cut off the extra, put a cap on it (not pictured) and we were done.

Now all I need is that little wishing well to put on top. The guys at Titan said that was fine as long as they could move it.

I am happy to report that our water is clean, clear, and has no air.  I'm supper happy.   

Some people refuse to move into a house with a well because they are afraid of the hassle it will cause, but with a company like Titan I am pretty happy with mine.  I can take all the baths, long showers, and plant watering trips around the garden I want and don't have to pay a dime.  I even think I have some of the cleanest water in the country (but I have to double check that, hehe).  

How do you feel about wells?  Lets have a discussion.


  1. Yay well! The house where I grew up had a well and I have never found better water. (I think you are still in that area, yes?)

  2. I think it's so cool that you have free water! And you MUST get a wishing well because when I saw it in your other post, I actually squealed. :-)


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