Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Front Porch Fix-Up

We never use our front porch.  The front door leads to right in front of the stairs and it is quite awkward, so we always come in and out of the house by the back door (just like the country folk we are).  But I wanted to improve our "curb appeal" (I put it in quotes because you can't see the front of the house from the road, see my berm post here).  Nevertheless I really wanted the few people who do come to our front door, mostly Jehovah Witnesses and people looking for my neighbor, to have a nice view.

In general our front porch is pretty neglected.  It has some loose steps and lots of debris, but I thought some flowers would improve the general look of it.

Last year Hubby and I were at Ikea (a long trip from home) and found some huge white planters for $5 each.  We loved them, we loved the look, the color, and the price.  So we brought them home.  Only to realize that the planters had no drainage holes.  They sat in our basement for the next year.  But just a couple of weeks ago I convinced my Hubby to drill some drainage holes and let me splurge at the nursery.

Hubby put a bunch of nice sized holes so my little plants would not drown.

I then added rocks and plants.  I went for yellow and white plants because I want to one day paint the house blue and white and the yellow flowers would look good.  Of course, these flowers won't be alive whenever we actually get around to painting the house, but that was the plan at the time.

After a month of growing in my planters they looked like this:

That's my kitty in the window, she missed me.

The pops of yellow and white really brighten up my little deck out there.

Now, as my dear friend requested, here is a wide shot of the whole front of my little cape.

While taking pictures I came across a little bumble bee hiding in the lilies:

Isn't that precious?

Next you have to see my back porch, it is improving, maybe by the end of the summer I will actually want to take pictures of it (still have some pillows to make.  Don't we all?)

How do you like to spruce up your outdoor decks and patios?

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  1. Actually, I like your front porch. Add a nice, twig chair and you can sit and gaze at the pretty flower pots! ~ Maureen

  2. is that not the flipping cutest little cape ever! i want a larger step area and overhang (said in a super winey voice!) you were cracking me up with this-yes, i thought it rather an adventurous idea that those yellow flowers would still be there when you painted, and the jehovah's witnesses will surely appreciate their new eye candy!

  3. I did the same to galvanized buckets to plant lavender last month. I'm amazed, but most planters don't have holes. Your plants look gorgeous! Great mix of height and color.


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