Thursday, July 18, 2013

Yellow Wedding

An old friend of mine had a beautiful wedding a couple of weeks ago.  .

My friend decided to do her wedding in yellow and black.  The bridesmaids wore long black dresses (and one fabulous pant suit).  They looked positively fabulous beside the black tuxes of the groomsmen and under the bright white Chuppah.  It was an amazing ceremony.

I did not get any shots of the bridal party or the beautiful bride, because I don't like to wander around a wedding with my big old Cannon.  I leave the real photography to the wedding photographer, who was so sweet and kind, by the way.

I did get some great shots of the details before the wedding.

I did not capture the beauty of these flowers.  They were a soft butter color and so amazing.  The florist told me my friend had known for two years she wanted yellow roses.  It was brilliant.  The yellow really brightened the location and made it look really nice.

The favors were Grappa (I believe) that was made right on location.  The labels represent both the last names of the bride and groom.  I'm looking forward to when I can have a drink again and see how this stuff tastes.

The seating cards were a nice touch.  They used corks from the winery which the groom and wedding party carved themselves.  The cards looked great all lined up.

One choice that my friend made was that she hired many friends and vendors who are known in our home town.  I loved that the florist, baker, and judge were all friends who were also invited to the wedding.  They all did an amazing job and the personal touch was really nice.

I met the lady who made these cupcakes (she sat at my table) and she has an amazing way with baked goods.  I had the lemon cupcake and it was sooooo divine.

I really love this shot.  The light is just right, and light is what everything is about with photography.  It speaks for its self.

Here's a shot of the reception venue.

Like I said, the yellow centerpieces really brightened it up.

To end: I did get a shot of the bride, but only her toes.  I wanted to show off her "something blue" toenails.

 I just love the toes, and the shoes.  My friend has fabulous taste, she did go to F.I.T. after all.

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