Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Toilet Bowl Cleaner and Broken Makeup Repair

Browsing Pinterest I found two great tips: a quick way to clean the toilet and a way to repair your broken makeup compacts.

I'm not always sure if the ideas I see on Pinterest will really work so I tested these two out.

First, I will show you my messy toilet.  I have a problem with my water where there is a lot of debris (I mean A LOT, like when it rains we get chunks of stuff in our pipes).  So the toilets get pretty dirty, pretty quickly.

Here is our toilet before the "bomb." (The original post was found here)

Like I said most of this dirt is from my dirty water.

I added 1/2 cup of baking soda and 1/2 a cup of vinegar.

The toilet water will bubble up and get all foamy.  It is actually quite fun to look at.

One quick swipe with the toilet bowl brush and...

it's clean!!!!

Next...I also had a blush compact that broke right after I bough it.  It was super annoying to try to put blush on with it all in pieces.  It looked like this.  (the original tutorial is here)

As suggested on I added some alcohol to combine the product back together.

Seeing the wet compact, I was not sure if it would work.  I had some trouble getting the surface smooth, but who needs smooth?  I'm happy with one piece and not a million.

It worked!!!

But then, THE VERY NEXT DAY... I dropped the very same compact again.  It is now back to being in a million pieces.  Guess I have to try again.  :(

Do you try ideas you have found on Pinterest?  I once saw a suggestion that there should be a "done that" box you can check off on Pinterest.  I really need that.


  1. What great tips! I'm going to try the makeup one this afternoon :)

  2. Having a clean bathroom specially your toilet is a great compliment in every household. We should always have that image in order to enjoy a healthy and happy living.

  3. One-piece toilets are easier to clean than two-piece toilets, and they have a smooth profile and a sleek look that some people prefer.

  4. Hey, Cleanness is really important in our life, generally people are lazy to do cleaning of toilets, but we should do this along with domestic cleaning. I like your compact post also, we can again use it, its really like a saving money.


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