Sunday, November 13, 2011

New and Shiny!!!

My floors that is.  I created quite a debate when I confided my dismay at whether to get a new floor for my dining room or not on this post.  Many people wrote in and instead of clarifying my thoughts I just got more muddled.  In truth I was not totally convinced of my new floors until I saw them all and shinny now.

The gist of the debate was that the wood floors were original to the house and could be repaired, sanded sealed and all that, so why  install another floor on top?  Many people made this point even after I posted many pictures of the damage made to said floors.

In case you don't feel like heading over to my previous post, here is the damage:

Here is the damage under the radiator.  This radiator leaked for years while the house was rented, the renters never noticed (how I have no idea).

This is where my renter fed and watered his dog.  The damage is deep and pretty disgusting really.

These two show some other damage overall.  But the worst is just the wear and tear on the floors.  They are pine and very soft.  Jeff and I also didn't like how the floorboards are so far apart.  The dirt gets between the boards and the floor is never totally clean.

See how the floors are just worn and see the floor boards?  See how separate?  We didn't like.

Due to some miscalculations (*cough* Jeff messed up his math...*cough*...the math teacher...*cough*) we got floors that were much better than we expected.  We got Santos Mahogany floors that are truly amazing.

Look how clean, shinny and NO CRACKS!  I just love the new floor.  Now I want to do the rest of the house (but it will have to wait until I have a full time job).

I'm seriously very happy with the new floors.  The floors I replaced were really just sub-floors so I'm feeling pretty good about the update on that front.  OK enough justification they are great and everyone should have new floors in their house.


  1. Wow, I love it!!!! Love the shine. I'm so happy for you.

  2. The floor is beautiful, its good to be able to replace things when they are just beyond repair or just not what you want. Thanks for the sweet comment and thanks for reading my blog.

  3. Amazing! I'm so glad you are happy with your decision. The floors in our previous house were as damaged as yours, but because of timing and budget restrictions we just had them refinished instead of replaced. In hindsight we should have just sucked it up and had them replaced. It would have made our house look so much better!


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