Sunday, September 4, 2011

Super Simple Doorstop

When I saw this idea in my recent Martha Stewart Living magazine I just knew I had to try it.

I love the simplicity of the rock, and the fact that the rock is coated on the bottom with felt to stop it from scratching the floors.  What a great idea.

So I made my own.

Looks almost the same right? (Okay I know it is essentially just a rock but what to do.)

Here's what I did:

Gather supplies:

Apply glue:

Stick felt to rock: (this is really tough I know none of you could do this on your own right? lol I'm just kidding, but it helps to have the pictures I think.)

Finally, put rock against door: (Nope don't worry about drying time, I didn't, but I admit it might be glued to my floor right now. hehe)

I think my rock really works.  Let me just tell you, this door flies shut all the time because it has a huge window that catches the wind.  Now I have a way to keep the light going through the house.  And the best part?  The rock came from the stream right behind my house!!!

Who knows there may be more rock doorstops in the future.

  The DIY Show Off

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  1. I love this. Not sure why really. But it's simply awesome. Could do the whole pet rock/door stopper thing. :)

    I tried to grab a big rock from the backyard earlier (for completely unrelated reasons) and my pup let me know that it was HIS rock.. and then played with the rock. So this will not work in my house. Shucks. I do enjoy this ALOT! :)


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