Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane

I invoke Peter, Paul, and Mary in order to tell you, my readers, that I will be out of the country for the next five weeks.  In twelve hours I am heading to the airport to fly to Goa, India, my birth place.  It looks like this:

I love this shot and really enjoyed the music on the beach that day.

Here you can see the little beach "chai shops" (restaurants) where we all hang out.
No I am not going just to hang out on the beach, although I hope to get to do that too, I'm going to write my Masters thesis.  I hope to interview my friends and family in this far away land so that I can set the record straight about the wonderful expatriates of Goa.  They have been given a bad reputation for the last thirty years and I hope to shed some light on this group and reveal the nature of this culture. 

That said, I am very nervous about the whole thing.  I am afraid that either no one will talk to me, or I won't ask the right questions.  Or, heaven forbid, both.  Whatever happens, tomorrow, I will go there and see (after 32 hours in transit).   

My warning to you is that I may not be posting very much, if at all.  As I stated in my first post, I don't intend to start posting regularly until after January 7, 2011.  This is because I arive home to New York on that day and will have internet at home.  I can't predict how often I will have access to the internet in Goa, or how expensive it will be in the internet cafes. 

I leave you with the promise that I will return, and when I do, I will have stories and pictures from my trip. 

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